about product

SECURE DIODE — is hardware/software system that ensures an access to critical information and processes with a near-zero risk of intrusions into business networks and infrastructure. SECURE DIODE is based on the ОNE WAY NETWORK (Data DIODE) technology that supports virtually all SCADA protocols in use in the Russian Federation.

SECURE DIODE typical use scenarios

  • Safe file transfer from a secure network to the Internet
  • Unidirectional transmission of e-mail messages
  • Video stream broadcasting with no risk of impact for CCTV systems
  • Secure uploading of operating system and anti-virus software updates to a secure network
  • Monitoring and data uploading to storage servers
  • Secure remote monitoring of operation of any equipment and system
  • Transmission of APCS process data without any intrusion into production equipment operation being possible
  • Displaying of process data on mobile devices of responsible persons to reduce decision making time.

There is no reverse influence risk for the network under protection