ОNE WAY NETWORK (DATA DIODE) is a unidirectional data transmission technology with a zero reverse influence risk for the network under protection. ОNE WAY NETWORK, as a part of SECURE DIODE, ensures transmission of data of industrial protocols and APCS status monitoring. It supports a wide range of controllers, including: ABB SPA; ION; SATEC; SET 4TM, Mercury 230 (счетчики). The list of supported protocols keeps expanding. Protocols that can be currently transmitted are:

  • UDP (including NTP), TCP (FTP, CIFS/SMB, SMTP, SNMP)

 SCADA protocols are supported. Protocols that can be currently transmitted are:

# International standards Russian standards
1 IEC 870-5-101 1 Granite
2 IEC870-5-103 2 ТМ-800А-В
3 IEC 870-5-104 3 Compass
4 IEC 61850 4 TM-120
5  OPC 2.0 5 ТМ-512
6 ModbusRTU 6 RPT-80
 7  DNP3 (Inprogress) 7 MKT 1-3
8 UTM-7
9 UTK-1
11 VRTF-3
12 Systel
13 Uktus
14 MST (Elcomtech)
15 Kosmotronika
16 KT-96
17 Telekanal-M (equivalent to IEC 870-5-101)

The SECURE DIODE solution is constantly being enhanced. Basic protocols are modified and support of new protocols is added.

Out advantages: